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Welcome to I Am Woman

I am woman is a woman's boutique selling lingerie, sleepwear, jeans and accessories we are about making women feel good about themselves.  There is 2 things in a woman's wardrobe that should fit like a glove but not feel like a glove.  Jeans and her lingerie.

  Our Jag jeans made by Silver are amazing.  With just 3% lycra in them it gives them enought stretch to feel like a glove without sticking to your body or stretching out after you wear them.  Our lingerie, once on feels like you aren't wearing anything.  That's how it should feel. From name brands like Donna, Piege, Ascension, Volage, Skimpies, Ferris, Arianne, Montelle, We also have MATT & NATT purses...  Come check them out.  
  Every month we will be having events for women in regards to health, beauty and fashion. We have an in store registry and gift cards for all occasions.  
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